Meet Shawn

Shawn Strok

is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology.  After starting her fashion merchandising career in NYC’s famous Seventh Avenue, she soon realized that interiors would be a better fit for the life she saw herself living. Starting as an interior space designer in 1993 to her first business: Potters Hand Interiors launched in 2005, she continues to serve her community and beyond with excellent design solutions for windows, walls, floors, furniture and lighting.  She is always willing to give back to the community by decorating for special events and hosting workshop seminars for civic groups.

With the launch of her Decorating Den Interiors business in 2008, her capabilities and access to several hundred product lines has given her the freedom to design for her clients lifestyles and budgets while having the ability to offer a better value for products.

Shawn has been recognized nationally by Decorating Den Interiors as a “Quick to Bloom” new owner, the “Positive Thinkers” award as well as reached the prestigious “Top 40” nationally numerous times since 2008.  She has won several regional awards as well.